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Cancer of the Cervix

Approximately 12,000 new cases of cervical cancer occur each year in the United States, and about 1/3 of these people will die from it. This deadly cancer, that tends to strike young women, is usually preventable by having regular Pap … Continue reading

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2012 Top Doctors

On Tuesday, The Washingtonian and friends gathered at the Carnegie Institute for Science for a reception to celebrate the 2012 Top Doctors featured in the March 2012 issue. The event, put on with the help of title sponsor Capital One and hospital sponsor Providence … Continue reading

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Detecting and Treating Cancer of the Uterus

I’m writing a series of articles about cancer. This subject is scary to everyone, but the more you know about it, the safer you are. Almost every week I see someone who has had cancer or pre-cancer previously, and now … Continue reading

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