Billing and Insurance

Amy, our Office Manager, is here to assist you in getting your insurance company to help pay for the cost of your health care. We can help you with answers to questions about the costs of pregnancy, surgery, or office visits, and help you arrange to have procedures scheduled. You can call her at 301-528-8444 if you have any questions about your bill or insurance.

3 Responses to Billing and Insurance

  1. Diony says:

    I love reading these articles beaucse they’re short but informative.

  2. Armaghan Vafafar says:

    Hi.I am 28 wks gestational age pregnant under medicade health insurance.Does Dr Siegel visit me with this insurance?I am newley registered in maryland health connection and i have only triage form with a number,is it acceptable for you?
    If yes,how can i get an appointment in germantown office as soon as possible?
    thanks a lot

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